Erik Endresenさんから素敵なコメントを頂きました。

Pilotを通じて知り合った米国のラジオ番組「The Progressive Rock Psychedelic Beatles Pop Show 」のパーソナリティをつとめるErik Endresenさんから素敵なコメント頂きました。

Wow!!! Hisa, I just listened to your new cd that you sent me- “Toy Balloon” and it is MUCH Better than you last release. Each song is so different- it is almost like the idea for the Beatles had for “The White Album”. I Mean Vaudeville styles/ “Pilot” happiness/ I love the higher register of your voice too- it conveys innocence and that is a GREAT thing! “Sunflower” is gorgeous!/ I think I hear MELLOTRON??????? and what a wonderful violin solo! And the use of Slide Guitar on “Bay Museum” comes from the heart. What can I say?? Your gift of the cd means a lot to me- It is a wonderful release.